Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Year of the Rat arrives!

We have waited in great anticipation for "Year of the Rat" to come out in paperback! It arrived today and the girls quickly pasted in their personalized book plate by the author - Grace Lin. This is a perfect ending to The Year of the Rat! We read "Year of the Dog" already and it was an absolutely wonderful book - sweet and hilariously funny and something my girls can relate to as Chinese Americans, which doesn't come along every day. I am a Rat and I love to tease the girls - both Oxen - how I outsmarted them to be the first animal of the zodiac!

Now, on to the question of the day - Why does my daughter wear a blanket on her head?! That is her beloved baby blankie that she has always slept with but now she has taken to wearing it wrapped around her head all the time at home. I do like a girl who marches to the beat of her own drummer! I had to include the series of photos to illustrate for all posterity how some children almost always are photogenic (child on left) and how others are, well, not so much (child on right)! Equally beautiful girls but one manages to make every face in the book other than a nice natural smile! But it just makes her all the more loveable and unique! I'm just really thankful for digital cameras!


  1. How exciting the book arrived just before the holiday begins and as the Year of the rat ends!

    I love the photos, that blanket your daughter's head is such fun!

  2. It is a perfect ending to the Year of the Rat! That's a wonderful keepsake from the author.