Thursday, January 22, 2009

Little daily traditions

This wasn't the photo I intended to post but as I was sitting at the computer, picking up the camera to remove the memory card to pop into the scanner, this little thing popped up between my knees, as it does every night. Usually the girls eat supper in their room, watching a tape, and I eat while I work. Sounds terrible but since we homeschool we spend quite a lot of time together and we always eat lunch together.

After supper, the girls go put their dishes in the dishwasher and wash the sink dishes. This is Georgie's time to come visit (interrupt) mom. At first she wants nothing to do with me, only to lick the plate or bowl clean of whatever I ate. Yes, it's probably gross and unsanitary, but I let her. After that, she is ready for a cuddle. I try to ignore her and tap away at my work, but she will come and poke her head out in a way that can't be ignored - like this - and she gets her cuddle. She knew she would all along - it's part of the ritual.

After that, she's ready to run off and play again, like any youngun! And like any youngun, if I try to put her down too soon, she grips at me with her paws and resists quite decidedly. This is our little nightly tradition - lick mom's plate, cuddle, go play! (Was this supposed to be Jing's dog?!)


  1. LOL - quite a determined little dog!! She is cute - and I think the animals always love mom the best, even if they belong to someone else in the house. I think they know who brings home the bacon :)

  2. How could you possibly resist that face!

  3. what a cute perspective for that picture :)