Sunday, January 11, 2009

Special Maneki Nekos

The girls are taking the photos more than I am! I just tell them to take something that is a part of our everyday life that means something, and this is today's choice. We all love this special souvenir as it represents our little family, an incredible gift we were given, and our love of things Asian, although I would sure like to glue on a couple of more little nekos to that figure, maybe Ethiopian nekos or Haitian nekos! I still marvel at how I grew up loving Asian culture, determined when I was 12 I would adopt Asian children, and here I am at 48 the mother of two fantastic girls from China.

Lily really wants a sister from Ethiopia and I so want to give her one. She loves Africa, and she agrees with me that another culture would make our family all the more rich and interesting. Lately particularly, as I near 50, I grieve for that next child (or two) I will probably never hold in my arms, but it is easy to remind myself I am SOOOOOOOO blessed to have these two for my own daughters. While they are enough, they are such treasures that I am greedy and I want more. I love being a mother, I love children, I long to do it all again. I haven't totally given up, still believing in miracles, and if it never happens, I'll be the best grandma in the world!


  1. I know how you feel.. I used to think we'd keep adopting.. things have changed, wait times, requirements, I know we can't do it again. I'm the same age as you. Lizzie wan't a little sister..Katie doesn't want another! I'm blessed to have the family I have and yes, we can look forward to being grandparents..Katie already told me she's going to adopt.. if not from China then from Africa! so who knows what the future holds for any of us! Heck, I never would have dreamt I'd be the lucky Mom to these two wonderful girls!

  2. Kaitlyn wants a baby BROTHER from Ethiopia. We don't have the money nor the room or I'm sure we'd be in line because I too still have the desire to parent again (although I'm leaning twards another girl) Luckily for me, my oldest is 19.5 so grandkids are not necesarily that far off...except his girlfriend says she only wants to adopt teenagers and not for a long time...hmm maybe I should get in that Ethiopian line for myself anyway!

  3. I love the three kitties and how it represents your family (at least for now!)