Friday, January 23, 2009

Highs and Lows of Country Life

We stayed outside from getting up in the afternoon until after dark - electricity was shut off anyway. After we took our walk, Lily enjoyed some twilight swinging, Jing rode her bike and the dogs and I rambled around and picked up branches to put on our future bonfire pile. Much of this time, our landlord was trying to figure out why the pump in our well went out and we have had no water for the past few days except for a few hours when he thought he had it fixed. By tomorrow we are going to be a bit rank if we can't get a bath or wash some clothes, and we're running out of dishes!

The last time our well was out, it was for six days. I was able to barely see enough to drive next door to our landlord's and fill every container we could find so we could take sink baths and wash a few dishes, but I'm too blind to do it now. Our landlord brought us about five gallons so at least we can flush the toilet a few times, and tomorrow we will hike up through the woods and bring back a jug of water each, maybe two for me. Ah, roughing it! But we love our country life, or as country as you can get this close to Atlanta!


  1. Jan, I hope you get some water soon. That's a hard thing to live without. But at least you have your computer!

  2. Oh goodness I hope you get it fixed soon, that is too "rough" for even my version of roughing it!

    I LOVE the look of pure joy on your daughter's face!!

  3. Jan: Is the electricity back on at least???!! Acckkk!!

  4. Glad you are making the best of it!