Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My favorite part of every day is taking a walk with the dogs and the girls. I never tire of the same views of the river and the woods. There is always something to see - today we all stopped to admire yet again the fresh vivid green of a moss-covered tree nesting in the deep browns of the winter woods, a reminder that there is always life, even in the grimmest of circumstances. The dogs are so happy rambling around us, noses to the ground, sniffing the trails of deer and beaver and coyotes.

I guess the best part of our walk is talking together; some of our deepest conversations occur to the tune of leaves crunching under our feet. There is the air of anticipation of what we will find in the mailbox at the end of our drive -- maybe a letter from NancyDee, the latest Dogs for Kids magazine or American Girl, a post-crossing postcard from some far-flung place in the world or, oh dread, more bills. Well, nothing is perfect!


  1. You have such pretty views to see while you are on your walk. Me, my walk takes me by a 100+ year old maximum security prison...oh the joy! LOL I'd probably walk more if that wasn't the only thing to see (and hear in the summer...more joy! LOL)

  2. Jan, so glad I found your blog! You did it! Beautiful walk pictures.

  3. What lovely scenery to enjoy with your daugters everyday!