Saturday, January 10, 2009

The patter of little feet

I had a really bad day yesterday with the addition of a new problem to add to the stable and was feeling down and irritable with the girls, shame on me (but really a rare occurrence). I came out of my room after a long brood alone and Georgie was so ecstatic she clattered crazily across the linoleum floor, slid into my ankles, recovered, whirled around, clattered all the way down the length of the trailer, turned on a dime and scampered back to my feet, repeatnig about three times until I grabbed her up. It wasn't anything new, but it took me from raw gloom to laughing hysterically. What a joyful little spirit. I am so glad she became part of our lives when I debated that I really didn't need another mouth to feed or another flea battleground to conquer. She looks when she runs exactly like a little dog I remember in a Norman Rockwell painting with a big grin on it's face!

We are keeping a close eye on her now that she is 7 months and due for her first heat. I don't want any half coyote pups - is that possible? - or any puppies at all at this time. She is bad to run off after our walk so I have taken to giving her a dog biscuit when we get home to encourage her to come in with us (we are on 44 acres and let her run loose unless near the road as she has to burn some energy or will explode in the house!) Today I forgot the treat - I've only been doing this a few days - and as clearly as speaking English she let me know! She kept going into the kitchen and then coming out looking at me expectantly until I remembered - Oh! The treat! When I said this, she wiggled all over, tail flying and scampered into the kitchen. Oh, my goodness, she is a mess but she is so cute!

I love watching her intereact with the other pets. Zoey and Daisy, the cats, grew up with a Rottweiler but still Daisy took a while to adjust and is yet a bit leery. Zoey takes it in stride as Georgie clambers over her or snuggles up to her on the sofa. It's really sweet. My loyal Matilda is still thoroughly disgusted with her as she hates the attention I lavish on the little bratty whippersnapper! I so hope someday to be able to take animals to visit at nursing homes as I know how bereft I would be without a gaggle of pets around me and I know that is the hardest part for some people going into a nursing home - giving up their pets and being without any around. My mother took her dog when she visited my aunt and the whole place lit up at the sight of that little dog. Smiles came on faces that rarely ever showed one. They are God's sweet little bonus in life, our furry babies!


  1. I'm glad to hear she brought you some levity!

  2. Such a sweet story! I'm glad that something as simple as little Georgie was able to roust you from your gloom.

    Pets are such an important part of our lives aren't they!!?!

  3. I sit here with my two dogs and yes, they are a delight aren't they. Ours do the same thing..go to the kitchen then back to the living room and almost talk to tell me "hey it's time for a treat!" it's so funny! cute picture!

  4. so cute..and yes, my two almost talk too! They go to the kitchen and then back to the living room and back.. barking and then back to the kitchen "hey, you forgot my treat" too funny! got to love our pets!