Friday, January 9, 2009

Georgie, Blankethead and Jing study

The girls took the photos today. They wanted to be shown studying their AWANA verses. They are prize AWANA students but have not gotten to go this year. However, thanks to their kind leader, they are doing a home version until I can get my cataracts out and one of their teachers is listening to their memory recitations and checking their work while I am at my doctor visits, so they are catching up. I loved the photo Jing took of Georgie reading!


  1. Great job on the pictures girls! Prayers heading your way while you deal with the cataracts. I had one remove a month after Cadi came home.

  2. What devoted girls you have! I love that shot of Georgie! I missed your blog on the CDS blog roll, so I am off to add you to my list. :)

  3. Oh my word how cute is that photo of Georgie reading too!!

    I'm glad that the girls get to participate in AWANA even if from home for now.

    My prayers for you are that you can get your cataracts removed quickly!

  4. That photo of Georgie is soooo cute! Great job, girls! Beautiful photos!!!
    And, Jan I'm sending you a zillion of positive thoughts so you'll have your cataracts removed real quick.

  5. so cute that even Georgie is 'reading'! great that the girls are able to keep up with Awana from home. Hope you get the cataracts taken care of quickly. Sending prayers and good thoughts your way.