Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January 5, 2008

I have always wanted a blog but been too intimidated to try. Among my New Year's Resolutions are to learn about blogging, learn how to customize a blog, to write more, which I used to do daily and sorely miss, record our daily lives for the girls, who savor the little details of life then and now. Also among my goals for the year -- to get healthier, reduce all the new meds added to my life in the last few weeks, get my cataracts out and get DSL!

I was only on one prescription med for asthma and now three BP and two diabetes meds have been added. This is not good at 48 years of age and I want to see less bottles in this photo - and this isn't even all of them - by the end of this year. Now we will see if this will load on dial-up!


  1. I am looking forward to the picture with less meds! Jan, I'm happy to see you have joined the 365 Project, I know we will see some great pictures from you!

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging and project 365!! I can't wait to read about those bottles dissapearing and the cataracts out for you!

  3. Jan, congrats on your first blog!! The neat thing about recording your thoughts like this is that at some point down the road, you can turn it into a bound book - preserving the memories!! Good luck on your NY Resolutions!!

  4. Jan, Lily & Jing...Love your new blog! We'll be checking in often to see your pics. Take care. Cheryl & Anna

  5. It's so great you joined this project too!
    And wow, you are already further then I am. Love the colors you decorated your blog with! I still need to learn how to do that...
    Jan, hope you can reach all your goals.
    Hugs, Chantal