Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sweet Freedom

Today for the first time in a full five months, I got in my car and drove my children out to have Chic-fil-A, to the bookstore, to Target, to get gas for 1.78 a gallon. Last time I put gas in my car it was 4.12 a gallon. Then on the way home, we all got a movie! The Blockbuster guy said, "WHERE have you been!?" Unfortunately I left my camera at home, but here is a photo of today's treats in celebration of recovered independence, minus the Breyer's ice cream and Magic Shell topping, first ice cream in over five months as we've had to jam our tiny freezer with veggies and meat as the trips to the store were few and far between. Boy is my mood dramatically improved!

Even the months before I had to hang up the car keys, our driving was very limited as my vision worsened, every trip a stress-laden nightmare of straining to see and angry people riding my bumper, so this is just an incredible day. As we were sitting at the umbrella-covered outdoor table eating our lunch and looking at the clear blue sky, Lily sighed contentedly and said, "This is just the Perfect Day."

I was terrified to get behind the wheel as my vision is SO different than it has ever been, and I simply could not tell whether or not I could safely drive until I did it. I meant to drive up and down the drive Tuesday before work but couldn't bring myself to do it, so as soon as I got up today I hopped in the car and drove to get the mail. With not one problem! I figured if I could see on a dirt drive, I could see on the road, and sure enough I had no problems and in fact it is so much better than the last two years - and maybe ever - it was incredible! And no glasses! I have worn glasses since age 8 and had terrible vision even pre-cataracts. To drive with only my post-surgery sunglasses on is like a miracle! Even if I can't read the TV Guide or my watch LOL!

We didn't try dark driving, but it was getting dark as we drove home and it was a little trickier but not so bad. Lily's already hinting about the Terra Cotta Warrior exhibit and several other adventures yet to be had! Bring it on, I say!

Next up, my butane torch and silver clay will be arriving to try my hand at silver jewelry. I can only hope my picture of the day won't be the trailer burning down and my landlord running over with his hunting rifle to shoot me!


  1. Jan, that's such great news that surgery has improved your vision so much!! Hope it continues!!

  2. Yeah! I'm sure being able to drive is such a feeling of freedom for you. So glad your vision is improved with just the one eye done. Yes, I too hope it continues!

  3. Jan, you make me laugh about your trailer burning down and the neighbor coming after you! Seriously, I am so happy that the driving went so well today! Sounds like you are an entirely different person now that you have your driving freedom back! I just know they will get the reading part of it figured out for you. Still praying for perfect vision for you!

  4. Wonderful news, Jan!! I'm so happy the surgery has helped enough that you now can drive!! Congratulations!!! And, wow - you still have a Blockbusters?? The three in our town closed AGES ago. Fortunately, our library has lots of movies!! We use the online library a LOT, too - I reserve books and videos for transfer from other branches/later pickup, plus I can check my account status and renew at any hour of the day - it's really convenient!!