Saturday, March 7, 2009

Daisy Doozie - or 3 Girls and a Car!

I forgot my memory card in my camera today. Otherwise I would have been choosing from photos of our frenzy of running around today. First we just drove in circles, unable to decide where to go out of so many places we have missed! I drove after dark for the first time post surgery - other than a trial run at 4 a.m. - and did so-so. I don't think I will be able to do both rain and dark together at this point but still it was so much better than five months ago when I stopped driving and I was happy to be able to do it at all. I told the girls I thought we could make it to AWANA next week, and Lily said she thought she would rather just catch up on going places! Even as we were running around, we were plotting our route for my next day off on Monday!

So you get a photo of our Daisy. Daisy was born on my bed about seven years ago but that is the last time she would get on it until this last week. She is second generation feral cat, born to our Zoey, the kitten of a rescued feral cat. It amazes me that the instincts carry on still. Zoey wanted me there when they were born, but then she figured out she could hide them up UNDER our bathtub through a hole in our closet, which meant I could not get to them, so until they were able to crawl out on their own, there they lived - the bathtub babies. This gave Zoey time to indoctrinate them into the caution of humans that her mama had taught her. When I began to catch them, I tried to block them in the bathroom for safety and Zoey kept carrying them back under the tub until I finally got them all out at once and blocked the hole!

Daisy mostly wants to be outside. There is a wildness about her. I love to watch her leaping gracefully through the woods, effortlessly bounding up and along fallen trees and skittering up tall ones, and she is an avid hunter. But a few months ago she began coming in and sleeping on Lily's bed. Now she has decided my bed is the thing and has taken to hanging out under my feet in the kitchen. We love our cats but boy would I love an affectionate lap cat again! It's been great to have her in more - maybe she took heart after all my begging at the door for them to come inside on cold nights.

Daisy is such a work of art. The fur on her chin is not white but the palest of gray - on top. But if you ruffle it back, it is medium gray underneath and soft as a baby mouse, and a small bit of this darker gray appears just around her lips. Her fur is lushly thick and rich, each hair four or five different colors - if you ruffle it backwards there are layers of brown, tan, black and creamy gray. The artistry, imagination, colors, intricate details and breathtaking beauty I see in nature are why I find it so easy to believe in a Divine Creator/Artist of Life. And Daisy is a masterpiece.


  1. Once again, Jaon, your journaling is terrific! Have you ever considered writing a novel? There must be a story or two inside you. Daisy is a beautiful cat.

  2. That would be Jan, not Jaon! Sure wish I could type!