Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow-rain Georgia style

This is the view out the girls' back door. We have some pretty snow falling but actually it is raining at the same time, and having been raining very heavily the last couple of days, almost causing the river next to our house to overflow, the ground is a mucky mess. This is why we have no photos of frolicking girls in the snow, though they have been in and out. I do have a picture of them outside cleaning up the trash the raccoons tore open all over our porch, leaving their little footprints as evidence, but I'll save that one for the family album.

I wish I had had the camera when we took our walk yesterday and the river was sloshing over the sides and we saw countless trees bobbing like corks as they sped their way through the rough water. Nature is apparently having a little fun and frolic after a long dry spell.


  1. It's heading here now. It can't seem to decide between snow, sleet or rain here either and our yard is a soggy mess too. Thankfully the dogs are so light they don't sink into it! It does look pretty. Hopefully your river stays contained in it's bank. We're far enough from the river here that we're safe. If we ever flood you better be looking for the Ark!

  2. Keep warm down there you guys. How are you doing today, Jan? Thought about you off and on and I'm praying for your total healing.

  3. Jan - Anna will try to call the girls tonight at 9pm your time. She would love to talk, but will leave a message if you're out or online working. Take care! Cheryl

  4. Hi Jan
    Your photo makes the little bit of snow which brought Lincoln and most of the UK to a standstill look nothing in comparison. Not that I envy you your winter weather - I think I'd still rather stick with mine.
    Glad you liked the pastels. Two more this week so hope you'll enjoy those as well
    Bye for now,
    Peter (guest blogger "Inside the artisan).