Saturday, March 21, 2009

Artist in Residence

Well if I can't do a photo a day, can I do a scan a day? Last night after the girls went to bed, I returned something to the girls' second room and found a stack of drawings like these on Jing's table. They had been watching a movie but Jing never sits idly - dozens of illustrations like these covered several pieces of paper. You can see other images bleeding through the paper from the back, a habit from China she can't get past. I told her she did not have to draw on the back of the paper or combine a bunch of pictures on one page, that I would always provide as much apper as she needed, but she is still a very economical girl; nothing is wasted. Not a bad philosophy for these days especially!

I used to draw a lot too, pretty much all animals like Jing. I could draw a horse blindfolded in any position because I was, and am, a horse fiend. But anything else I drew decently I had to look at a photo or preferably another drawing and copy it. What amazes me about Jing is she draws a multitude of creatures but there is no book in front of her - they are all out of the herds of animals living in her head, images from her own imagination. At times I find pages of, say, a lion face done over and over with multiple expressions, or legs and paws or hooves drawn flat, curled, in motion. It's a beautiful thing to witness, that God-given talent that is so strong and instinctive it flows out spontaneously and freely, if not involuntarily. A gift to be envied!


  1. Those are great drawings - wow!

  2. I love Jing's drawings - I especially like the delicate look to the faces and the snort :-)

  3. WOW, just AMAZING!!! I hope she continues to use her talents for the rest of her life, these are beautiful!

    Maybe you could write the book and she will illustrate it for you.

  4. love how she uses the circles for proportioning....the teach you that in art books...great job!

  5. It really is a gift and I can't help but think that Jing will do something wonderful with her art. Well, really, she already has!!! So much potential, so much to discover.