Saturday, February 7, 2009

Making Valentines

This is not exactly a great photo, and of course Lily has her blanket on her head, but I love going in and finding my girls sitting in a pile of bits and pieces, hard at work on new creations! The little clear container on the table is where Lily stashes bits of gift wrap, Hershey Kiss and gum wrappers, ribbons, buttons, string, stamps, pictures cut from magazines. She also has a storage bin with tons of scrapbook papers and bigger pieces. Jing mostly just draws or paints, but she does some constructing too.

Lily has never known anything else because I had to keep her busy when I was working from a 1-year-old up to 6-year-old until we got Jing, and from about age 2-1/2 on up I kept her supplied with all sorts of bits and pieces and art projects, and she would sit beside me, creating wonderful play-doh sculptures, pipe-cleaner animals and drawings and such.
Time in China was difficult with Jing, but one bright moment was when I gave them paper and markers, and Jing effortlessly filled a paper with the most adorable characters! In the beginning, she would make many small drawings on one page and then fill the back. Judging by the letters we got from her friends, paper was at a premium! They came on scraps of flimsy transparent paper. I sent them a big box of paper, crayons and markers. I love that my girls are wonderfully creative artists!


  1. Our girls would get a long so well. Josi has stashes of stuff for projects and she's always creating something. I have to linit houw much recycled stuff she can keep or the top of the house would literally explode!

  2. How great that both of your girls are so creative with their projects!

  3. Your girls are so creative!! They are just amazing - and I love reading bits and pieces about your lives!!

  4. Just saw your comment on Pleasant view schoolhouse. That is the same science I use with my kids. Anyways, cute blog. My kids were doing that same kind of craft "stuff". In fact, I posted some on my site. Will be back!