Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy 12th birthday Jing!

Hard to believe a year from today I will have a teenager! As I often say, it goes too fast.

Jing saw part of the Lion King in Chinese at the White Swan in China and then all of it in English soon after we got home, when she was 7, and five years later it is still her favorite thing. The vandals who trashed our house and stole many of our belongings got her CD player with her Lion King soundrack inside. I was going to replace that but I decided to get her the Lion King Broadway show soundtrack instead and found a DVD about a man who lived with lions. Hard to tell in the photo but she was VERY pleased! I have a feeling her school work and chores will be done in record time today, and I'll pretend not to notice if she sneaks a listen of the CD before they're done!

Happy Birthday Jing!


  1. That DVD sounds cool. Happy Birthday, Jing!

  2. Yes, Happy Birthday, Jing! I hope you enjoy your presents over and over again!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jing!!!!I hope it was a GREAT day!!!

    12 huh? Well if its any consolation, I found the preteen years harder than the teenage years, and that comes from someone with a 19 year old and a 16 year old so I'm right in the middle of it!

  4. Happy birthday, Jing!!!! You have great taste in music!!!

  5. Happy birthday, Jing! You'll have to change your profile now, Jan ;)