Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Georgie the aerialist

So here I am in our little hallway next to the kitchen. We have only a tiny countertop next to the sink, so I use the washing machine for mine. I'm working on assembling tomorrow night's dinner - a pile of fresh mashed potatoes in the middle of a sheet cake pan surrounded by a homemade beef gravy with green beans and a bit of hamburger with onions stirred in. Baked until hot and then for the last minute crisp some Libby's fried onions on top - oh yum! Well Georgie thought so too. When there is food she wants, which is anytime anything remotely edible is present, she jumps straight in the air - quite high! Boing, boing, boing, over and over like a spring. It's quite entertaining! Seriously, I could sell tickets! I have tried to capture it two or three times and this is the best I have gotten.

I have become an expert at painting in my dog's glowing eyes! Every photo I take indoors make them look like dogs from a horror movie. I'm getting quite good at it if I do say so myself! Here's the original.


  1. Evil dog eyes. Gotta love 'em! She certainly is a jumper!

  2. Oh, she looks very excited! You'll have to do a tutorial on your demon-eye fixing. I can't make it look normal!