Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kudos to my girls!

I am SO proud of my girls! Tonight they finished their AWANA books for the year - despite missing more than 2/3 of the classes this year sitting home with Blind Mama! These books are a LOT of work and only two other girls in their class - who have all been there all year - have finished their books so far, and they have four weeks to go before summer break. They were able to do a bit of the book during the year with one of their teachers who took me back and forth to the doctor for a while but not a lot. I am really, really proud of their hard work and dedication to do all their memorizations and fill in their pages and do their assignments.

Here they are playing War (trying to hit each other with a ball, and at CHURCH of all places LOL) and friend Sarah is demonstrating a fun way to wear your hat on Hat Day! Jing loves the sports portion of the night, but Lily tries to hide or keep going to the back of the line. We can't all be athletes after all!


  1. Congratulations Lily and Jing. Those Awana books are a real challenge!

  2. Bethany's AWANA group plays dodgeball. I've always wondered about the appropriateness of hitting each other with ball at church :)

    Good for you girls for finishing their book!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS,GIRLS!!!! What an amazing achievement, both of you!

  4. Superb Achievement - well done to them!

  5. CONGRATULATIOS girls! You have every right to be proud as do they, WAY TO GO!!!

    Our church "outlawed" war/dodgeball games long ago I must say that makes me happy. Of coarse now they play a rough game of basketball or football instead so I'm not sure which is worse! LOL