Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Georgie raises her hackles

This is Georgie before our walk. She's 11 months old now - look at those ears! This is just before our walk.

While walking we spotted a critter dashing down the drive. I thought it was a coyote. Jing thought it was a cat, maybe a bobcat. Lily thought it was a wild dog. At any rate, Georgie gave chase, and we gave chase to Georgie and found her in front of a huge pile of rocks and underbrush with hackles raised and a nervous look on her face - Can I handle this thing if it comes back out at me?!

The image of the day for me, too heartbreaking to take but etched in my mind forever, was of my old dog Matilda watching longingly out the window as we walked away without her. This week I finally had to stop letting her go on the long walk we take every day as she gets out of breath and just drags behind and sometimes coughs and chokes. We take her on a shorter walk of her own before we go but I feel like a traitor leaving her inside as we jaunt off, the puppy racing ahead of us. You could pack my sadness and guilt in a tractor trailer and still have some left over!


  1. Sorry about the guilt. I know it's hard. Georgie definately was tense and ready to go after whatever it was.

  2. Great photo of Georgie, I wonder what it was that she saw. I'd be scared to have her running after an unknown like that, yikes!

    How sad about your other dog not being able to go though, it must be heartbreaking.