Sunday, April 25, 2010

My gang

I love my gang! I love that they not only will go for walks with me every day - usually two unless it is raining - but they are excited about it. It is vital for my health issues and sometimes I am tired and don't have the motivation, but their eagerness always gets me up and going, and it's great for the dogs too. We have some of our best talking time during these walks and find so many natural treasures since we walk not only on the acreage we live on but also at every nature preserve within 30 miles of our home.

Next step on the hope-to-do list - camping! I really want to take my girls camping. Camping with my father is one of my favorite memories. Our complications are all our pets and a car on its last legs, but we are hoping to find a way this fall to start - and also to go canoeing. Wow they are growing up fast and I want to have more adventures with them before they flit away.


  1. great photo -- you're right, they are growing up quickly.

  2. What beautiful girls you have! And how nice each girl has her own dog!!

  3. what fun things you do together! I love and admire your story! So much. Thank-you for the comment.