Friday, January 8, 2010

Cats bouncing off the walls!

It has been exceedingly cold for central Georgia, and our cats, who normally prowl through the woods like little tigers much of the day, have decided they need to stay inside. But they are very antsy and Daisy, our resident diva, keeps leaving my room and coming back in again and again begging for treats very vociferously! Normally when she comes in for a visit I give her treats and I guess she figures no matter how many times she enters the room she will get treats. So she just leaves and comes back two minutes later. Pretty smart, but she is driving me nuts! She has been playing with her own tail like it's a mouse and galloping back and forth through the house literally crashing head-on into walls. Then she sprawls across the foot of my pitiful little twin bead and I have to sleep in the fetal position. Did I mention she is a diva?!

So while grocery shopping I found an inexpensive pull toy with some irresistable feathers on the end, and both she and her mom Zoey have returned to kittenhood, batting, pouncing, attacking, wrestling and chasing us through the house, which has also turned out to be good exercise for us, as we've been missing our daily walk, not having anything but a light jacket. It's very cute but the dadburned toy has two little bells on it so now I find my nerves being stretched again with the constant jingle, but we have had fun!


  1. Cold here, too. Our cat is still outside but the dog is asleep on a blanket on the kitchen floor.

  2. LOL I really don't like jingly cat toys - especially not during the night when I wake up to them :) But I love your cat - that's my favorite cat color!!

  3. Oh, she's too cute! Loved to have a cat in the house(had one for many years) but with Fu... I'm not sure they both would survive. He can't stand them! Love this photo of your Diva!