Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lily and Sadako

We read the sad but wonderful book "Sadako and the Paper Cranes" a few years ago and Lily just reread it and then sat and made one origami paper crane after another with some washi we had. (I am addicted to the beautiful patterns and will buy it on impulse even when I have no idea what I will use it for!) I think these are so pretty!


  1. OMG! these are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Wish we would live closer to you guys, would love to learn from Lily how she made these! And those washi papers are gorgeous!

  2. These cranes are beautiful! I love the paper crane legend. I knew a boy who developed leukemia after his junior year in high school. His Japanese neighbors made him a beautiful mobile of a thousand paper cranes...that was about 5 years ago and he is a strong and healthy man.

  3. These are beautiful!! Love that story - what a wonderful sentiment!