Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Looking back...

I found these sweet photos of Lily while cleaning out today and thought I would post this scrapbook page. We haven't had a working camera for a while and have just been having a challenging time so haven't been posting but I'm sure everyone who has my blog linked is tired of looking at Karl Malden LOL! The designers used are Studio Phong and Ptitesourus.


  1. Great page, Jan! And yes, I really prefer to see your girls then Karl Malden, LOL! I'm glad you posted again! I hope everything is fine with you guys! Oh, and tell Lily that she's more then welcome to stay with us whenever she'll make that trip to Europe.

  2. Not that I don't like Karl Malden, but, like Chantal, I much prefer your girls :)
    If Lily stops over in Iceland, she's welcome to stay with us as well :) Lovisa is already learning English so they will be able to communicate a little!!