Thursday, May 14, 2009

A peaceful place

We had an unexpected day off work due to problems with the server at the hospital chain I type dictations for, so the girls and I went to Blalock, a series of lakes with waterfowl everywhere and just an overwhelming sense of peace. I sure needed it at the prospect of the third small paycheck in a row! I can literally feel my blood pressure go down here. We saw scores of tadpoles and deeply regretted not having a jar with us, though we agreed they were probably happier where they were. The Canada geese were disappointed we had no cracked corn as usual but I expect they'll forgive us if we bring some next time! We are hoping to get a canoe this fall so we can go exploring out to the ends of the big lake here and also at some state parks nearby.


  1. Nice reflections in the water. The girls seem to be enjoying the break, anyway.

  2. Beautiful shot! Sorry about the smaller paychecks, but you know that God will provide your needs. I'll be praying for your finances. Marleen

  3. Looks like a beautiful place!